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32 J. C. Road, Waynesville, NC 28785

Firewood and Snow Removal Services available! Call now to get on the schedule!


Our services can provide simple weekly lawn maintenance to bush hogging or clearing arces of land. Let us quote you a price that will be fair and reasonable.


WILLIAM GOODSON- 828-734-0215

ERIK CALDWELL- 828-550-2369

Our landscaping services have been in business for 15 years. We take care of many commerical and residential properties. No worries about someone taking care of your rental properties, personal home or business, our employees are certified and trusted individuals that make sure the job is done to your expectations.

Southern Style Landscape Services

Enjoy a worry free maintenance Plan

 •  Lawn Care

 •  Leaf Removal

 •  Weed Eatting

 •  Bush Hogging

 •  Weekly/Monthly Maintenance

 •  Developments

 •  Commercial Properties

 •  Weed Killing

 •  Mulching

 •  Landscaping

 •  Firewood

Maintenance services:

We offer an array of firewood being a Supplier of bundles and Cords of wood.

We split all Hardwoods, we occasionally can get loads of Locust, and do not split evergreens. We sell wood in a variety of ways, so call us for additional pricing!


Prices for 2015/2016 Season:

 1 Cord (4x4x8) 128cf    $225 Delivered*

1/2 Cord (4x4x4) 64cf    $145 Delivered*

Save $25 to come load it up yourself!


*Delivered is within 15 miles of our location, 19 Coleman Mountain Rd, Waynesville, NC 28785



Smokey's Firewood

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